Jakub (POL) in Norway

Jakub (POL) in Norway

Mobility: Youth Exchange
Hosting Organization: Lom Kommune, Norway
Sending Organization: Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju Gmin i Miast Powiatu Garwoliñskiego, Poland
duration of the project: 2-10.07.2012


Jakub Olszewski from Poland talks about his experience during Youth Exchange in Norway:

During the project, I had the opportunity to take part in many interesting events. I visited the Norwegian national parks and museums associated with them. I climbed in the park climbing. I admire the Norwegian glacier, and canoeing along the river.

I also visited muzemum associated with the Norwegian tradition and church in Lom having a very interesting story.

I had the opportunity to watch the performance of traditional Norwegian songs. While the common meals tried traditional Norwegian dishes. Moreover, we organized a cultural night during which I could get to know the tradition and culture of the Dutch and Norwegian.

I think that youth exchange to Norway was one of the most interesting and coolest experiences in my life. During the trip I could see a lot of interesting places, which he himself at such a young age I would not be able to see for yourself. During my stay in Norwegian I met many interesting people. With many of them keep in touch to this day. I think that this trip could broaden my horizons and learn from the Norwegians and Dutch. For example, big admiration aroused in me a love and respect for nature Norwegians. From this trip the attitude I try to practice in Poland. This trip is also a great possibility improve English and sometimes even Norwegian and Dutch. In retrospect this journey has taught me cooperation and openness to new cultures and respect them.


Church in Lom:


Inside the Ice Cave

inside the ice cave