A4 - Space for contemporary culture, Slovakia

A4 – Space for contemporary culture, Slovakia

A4 – Space for contemporary culture, Slovakia

A4 cultural centre is situated in the centre of Bratislava, in the former building of YMCA built in 1920 which is located near the main train station. A4 has a performance space for around 250 people and a space for smaller events like seminars/workshops, discussions and screenings.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia offering many possibilities for cultural and social life. It has a lot of nature around it, as well as a special geographical placement, being situated near other capitals – Budapest, Vienna (less than 1 hour by train) and Prague. All of these four cities have a good connection between each other.

In 2012, A4 had to move from it’s former location in a state-owned space and decided to convert an old gym in the former YMCA building to a theatre and concert hall. A4 has a specific programming with about 25-30 cultural events a month, focusing on contemporary art and culture of all areas. There are taking place electronic art events, theater performances and concerts of both local and international innovative musicians (experimental, cutting-edge, alternative, contemporary classical…). A4 has also a cafA©/bar, which is open every day in the evening and serves as an importantsocial node. The community around A4 consist of artists, university students and art & culture lovers, with the majority of visitors, volunteers and active contributors being young people aged 18-35. Since its beginning, A4 has a unique position in the cultural life of the city and has managed to create a very creative and inspiring environment around itself.


The volunteers will work from 17:00 – 22.00, 5 days a week, or from 12:00 – 17:00. It will depend from whether they would be in charge of daily workshops/projects, or helping with the management of cultural events in the evening. It will also depend on their preferences. They will have 2 days off each week. Sometimes the volunteers will be asked to work on week-ends and to have days off on working days, because there might be some events and activities on week-ends.

Volunteers will also have an opportunity to develop their own projects in A4 space. It depends on their fantasy, skills, interests and preferences. They can e.g. lead workshops, organize or promote cultural events, write articles/blogs about contemporary cultural scene or be otherwise involved in event production of A4 events and develop international collaborations.

A4 offers following activities:
- developing the website (both technically and content-wise), writing articles, shooting pictures, making interviews, live video streaming and archive (A4 TV)
- space/event management, technical and administrative assistance
- organizining own workshops, events, exhibitions and other activities
- being a part of promotion group
- working on international projects and developing international connections
- programming of events depending on the area of interest
- creating own art projects
- developing local and international projects

The activities and tasks for the volunteers are as follows:
1) 10% development of program and dramaturgy of events;
2) 25% prepation of activities, project planning, promotion;
3) 30% organization (production) of events, workshops or other activities;
4) 10% language lessons;
5) 15% stuff support;
6) 10% writing weekly reports and meetings with mentor.


Volunteer should have a positive attitude towards contemporary art, culture and creativity, interest in new media and experimental art forms is an advantage. It would be appreciated, if volunteer will be active, independent, responsible and self-organized person. A4 wants to be rather a mentor than director. The center is visited by many young people, so it is good to have some communitation skills.
EVS candidates will be asked to send a CV, motivation letter and will be interviewed through Skype. This should ensure an open and transparent recruitment process as well as the overall accessibility of EVS to all young people.

Ideally, we would like to cooperate with sending organizations which have a similar scope of activities (events production, workshops, theater plays, contemporary & experimental music, new media & creativity…) and are active in cultural field.


A4 – Associations for Contemporary Culture is an NGO running an intependent, non-commercial cultural centre A4 in the centre of Bratislava, Slovakia since 2004. A mission of A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture consists of long-term support of innovative artistic creation, presentation and education in the field of up-to-date manifestations of contemporary theatre, dance, music, film, visual culture and new media art. A4 is a proud member of the Trans Europe Halles network of independent cultural centres and operates as a vital cultural node, both locally and internationally. A4 works also with young artists and tries to develop the local scene and community.

The productivity of A4 can be proved by more than 1 800 organised cultural events so far, presenting and initiating innovative artistic creation. Domiciliary theatre group SkRAT has produced 15 authorial theatre performances including contemporary operas, awarded by several prizes. Music programming is focused on cutting-edge expressions of contemporary music. Many musicians renowned internationally have had performed here. There are organized own music workshops, which are open to public. A4 cine-club offers the screenings of artistic films which are usually not shown elsewhere in the region.

A4 cultural centre was from the very beginning conceived as a creative space open also to other civic initiatives with similar interests, acting as co-organisers or independent organisers. A couple of festivals are regularly taking place here: experimental music festival NEXT, Next Life Visual, Nu dance Fest, Anasoft Litera, network culture and electronic art festival Multiplace, Ars Poetica, New Drama…). A4 also hosts and organizes exhibitions of young artists working with both digital and traditional media.

The community around A4 consist of artists, university students and art & culture lovers, alltogether mostly young people aged 18-35 with interest in contemporary culture and creativity.

A4 staff is relatively small – it has several part-time programme curators of the respective sections, two production managers, one project manager and a PR/marketing manager(s), accountant, two technicians (stage sound & light), as well as several volunteers and other part-time / project-based associates.

A4 association itself has had no previous involvement in EVS. However, several of our close collaborators and friends have been EVS volunteers before or have direct experiences with them, and we are also closely related to organisations taking part in the programme for a long time – such as Stanica Zilina-Zariecie. Their positive experience as well as the new, bigger space that we have moved into last autumn, have inspired us to become both EVS host and sending organisation. A4 is a lively cultural venue with everyday activities of an international scope and thus offers many opportunities/needs for voluntary work of all kind. On the other hand, the space and the people around it have a lot to offer. Besides rich cultural events of all kinds, as well as the inspiring artistic community around the centre, it can provide many other benefits to the volunteers from all around Europe: working on challenging and interesting projects, taking part in the programming but also in everyday management of an independent cultural centre. Recently, A4 wants to strengthen its international aspect and develop further co-operations with other foreign organisations/artists – and we believe that European volunteers can fully take part and be helpful in this process.

A4 – Space for contemporary culture, Slovakia

Karpatska 2
Bratislava, Slovakia
email: info@a4.sk

tel. 00421915794942